Financial Parenting Workshop


About the Workshop

This is call to ALL parents who want to inoculate their kids against future financial bankruptcy!

This  step-by step system  equips parents with the tools to train their young children to develop the behavioural traits necessary to be effective money managers as they grow. This workshop supports new parents by helping them to lay the foundation for their children to build a successful financial future. 

Side-effects include: logical independent thinkers who make wise spending decisions!  


It is never too early to start this process.  In this workshop you will acquire the knowledge and tools that you can start using today to train your young children to develop core financial behavioral traits, even if you don’t have them yourself. You can teach your children to be financially responsible regardless of your level of financial knowledge. 

Finance can be made simple. All you need is some good advice which you can follow to help yourself and your little ones.  I have condensed years of experience and knowledge into bit size nuggets that you easily understand and put into practice. We all you want raise financially savvy kids but we get a lot of competition from social media and marketers who are constantly targeting our kids. 

As parents we have to be able to teach them from very early on how to navigate this landscape.  If you want your give your child a head start in life then this is exactly the course for you. 

Sign up today and give your child a head start in life!

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