Meet Dr. M


 Dr. M is a financial facilitator and a merchant of imagination. She teaches people of all ages core economic and financial concepts to empower them to make better decisions to have a more secure and prosperous life. She provides avenues regardless of age or knowledge for you to practice and implement these concepts in your daily life. Her books, talks and lectures really take common sense the next level. Her passion comes from the need to logically put order to things. Her role is to bring order and clarity to an important but sometimes intimidating subject for many individuals and families. 

  • Dr.M has a PhD in Economics and currently teaches finance at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus.


In 2014 Dr. M released the first book in her book series entitled The Kidonomics Series (TKS). TKS focuses on teaching children the appropriate behavioural traits that are necessary for effective money management as they grow older.  Her most recent children’s book is called The Simpletons of Krafanof (TSK). This is a story which encourages children to question the world around them. Not because something is generally accepted mean that it’s true. Even though TKS and TSK seems to be very different they actually complement each other. TKS focuses on the practicality of daily living while TSK encourages children to question and think outside the box to find better and more authentic ways of doing things.